Marguerites, Pinks and Pansies

A standard Marguerite, covered with a mass of starry white flowers, will bloom happily through the Summer accompanied by dainty Pinks and the sunny faces of golden Pansies.

The delicate Marguerite can often be bought as a small standard tree. The feathery grey-green foliage will have been clipped and trained into a globe shape, above the slender trunk, and during July and August it will be covered in a mass of dainty white Daisies.

Planted in a large terracotta pot, filled with perennial Pinks and annual Pansies, the Marguerite makes a charming focal point for a patio or doorway. Regular dead-heading will ensure a long succession of flowers on all the plants.

Both the Pinks and the Pansies will bloom until September. The Pinks can then be left in the pot until next year, or planted out at the edge of a garden border


Old-fashioned Pinks are available in several attractive white varieties including ‘Mrs Sinkins’, ‘Musgrave’s Pink’ and ‘White Ladies’.

Other yellow annuals that could be included are Zinnia, Tagetes and the Poached-Egg Flower (Limnanthes).


Remove the Marguerite from its plastic pot and position it so that the top of the compost is slightly below the rim of the terracotta pot, and the trunk of the bush is vertical. Fill the pot with more compost.

Cover the drainage hole of the pot with a handful of crocks so that compost is not washed out when you water the plants. Fill the pot with damp peat-based compost to a level which will allow the plant to be positioned correctly.

Finally, fill the gaps between the Pinks with the yellow Pansies, firming them in well. Then water the arrangement thoroughly. Deadhead all the plants regularly to ensure a continuous display of flowers.

Remove the Pinks from their plastic pots and plant them around the base of the bush, pointing slightly outwards. Take care not to damage the rootball of the Marguerite. Firm around the plants with your hands.

26. June 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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