Luxurious Patio Display: Tulips and Anemones

Bring vibrant colour to the gradually-brightening days of Spring, combining flaming scarlet Tulips with glistening white Anemones in a bold and luxurious display for the patio.

A profusion of pure white, star-shaped Anemone flowers makes the perfect foil for the bold, scarlet blooms of the delicious Tulipa praestans ‘Fuselier’. Massed together in a bright white bowl, these plants will provide a luxurious Spring display for a patio or terrace.

This Tulip is ideal for filling a bowl or tub, as each bulb produces a cluster of 2-4 perfectly-shaped blooms. The flowers and foliage of the Tulips contrast well with those of the Anemones, forming a display that is rich in texture as well as colour.

Plant the bulbs in the Autumn, water well and place the bowl in a sunny position on the patio. Your efforts will be well-rewarded when the bulbs burst into bloom in March or April.


Time saver

Using a one-coat paint will save a lot of time and effort. Although more expensive than normal gloss paints, it will make the job much simpler, as there is no need to apply a separate primer or undercoat which would be the case if you chose a standard gloss paint.


Using a clean brush, apply an even coat of white gloss paint to the terracotta bowl. When the paint has dried, check that it has covered the surface completely. If necessary, apply another coat and allow to dry completely.

Place a handful of large crocks in the bottom of the bowl, covering the drainage hole to prevent compost from leaching out during watering. Fill the bowl with free-draining compost to 10cm (4in) below the rim, firming as you go.

Place the Tulip bulbs, pointed ends upwards, on the compost and about 8cm (3in) apart.

Sprinkle compost between them, making sure there are no gaps, then fill the bowl to within 5cm (2in) of the rim, firming gently with your fingers.

Place the Anemone corms around the edge of the bowl, about 5cm (2in) in from the sides, putting any extra corms in the middle where they can mingle with the Tulips. Cover with more compost (inset), filling the bowl to the rim and firming.

08. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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