Long-Handled Tools for Gardening

Long-Handled Tools for Gardening

long handled tools for gardening Garden forks are sold under a variety of names, depending on their size — ‘digging, ‘border’, ‘lady’s, for instance — but these names do not correspond to standard specifications. Forks are used primarily for breaking up and preparing the soil prior to planting or sowing, but are useful also for moving debris or compost, and for general cultivation and lawn aeration. Border forks are smaller than digging forks and are used for more shallow cultivation of planted areas. Most digging forks have square prongs, tapering to a point. Forks with flat prongs are used for potato lifting.

Spades may also be called ‘digging’ or ‘border, depending on their size. They are used for deep soil preparation and for making large planting holes.

Shovels are similar to spades, but have the sides of the blade curved upwards to form a scoop. They are used for shifting sand, soil or other materials.

Hoes are used to cut down small weeds growing among other plants and for breaking up ‘capped’ or crusted soil surfaces. The Dutch hoe has a D-shaped steel blade attached to a long shaft and is used with a push-pull action. The draw hoe has a backward-angled blade attached by a swan-necked stem to a long shaft and is used for loosening heavy weed growth and taking out seed drills. Shafts are generally lightweight, some having moulded handgrips.

Rakes consist of a row of metal, wooden or plastic tines — prongs —mounted on a horizontal head attached to a long handle. They are used for general seedbed preparation and soil levelling. Lightweight alloy shafts make easier work of raking, but cost more than ordinary ash wood handles. Lawn rakes are designed for removing moss and dead grass. Their heads are fan-shaped, with springy wire prongs. Lawn rakes can also be used for collecting fallen leaves.

Half-moon edging tools with a rounded blade are used for cutting a lawn back to a new, straight edge.

Edging shears are used to trim grass blades along the lawn edges once a straight edge has been cut. The blades are angled in such a way that you can cut the grass from a standing position without the need to bend over.

Lawn shears are used for trimming the surface of a lawn where it is inaccessible to a lawnmower. As with edging shears, they are operated from a standing position.

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