List of Rose Varieties – Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses

The following is a list of hybrid tea roses that I thoroughly recommend for use in the garden. I have had great success with all of them.


rose varieties - rose 'ballet'

Ballet. This has large shapely bluey-pink flowers of good shape. It is of medium height and gives a line display.

Gavotte. This medium-sized variety has shapely rose—pink flowers with a paler reverse. It is quite easy, to place in planting schemes.

rose varieties - Rose 'Grace de Monaco'

Grace de Monaco. The big globular flowers are pale pink which varies little whether they are young or old. Of medium vigour, it branches well and the flowers have good scent.

Hybrid Tea Rose - 'My Choice'

My Choice. The buds of this fine rose are gold shaded with crimson and they open to pink with a buff reverse. Vigorous in growth, it is Well worth having for its scent alone.

Percy Thrower. I can recommend this rose as an excellent variety for the garden and for cut flowers indoors. The flowers are a delightful rose-pink shade and are carried freely.

rose varieties - Rose 'Silver Lining'

Silver Lining. A rose whose colour is not difficult to blend with others, the flowers being soft rose paling to almost white at the base. The blooms are large, almost always of perfect shape, and the scent is exceptionally good.

Stella. A fine rose, cherry red on the outside petals and pinkish-cream or ivory in the centre. The flowers are long and shapely and the plants are of good habit.

Rose-Pink and Other Variations

rose varieties - Rose 'Eden Rose' Eden Rose. One of the most popular rose-pink hybrid teas, the deepest coloured petals matching the lightest coloured of Wendy Cussons. The blooms are magnificent but are not produced too plentifully. Strongly scented.

Rose Gaujard. Although the magenta colour with white reverse of this rose does not appeal to everyone, it is an excellent variety for garden display. The blooms have scent and stand up well to wet weather.

rose varieties - Rose 'Wendy Cussons' Wendy Cussons. A rose with beautifully shaped flowers although the rather hard cerise colour makes it a poor mixer and it is best planted well separated from reds and yellows. It has a good branching habit with glossy foliage and has won The Royal National Rose Society’s Clay Cup for scent.


Champs Elysées. This is a deep crimson rose with a velvety bloom and slight fragrance. It is moderately strong growing, and is very effective massed in a bed.

rose varieties - Rose 'Christian Dior'

Christian Dior. This is a line scarlet rose with beautifully shaped flowers, but it is rather prone to mildew and is well above average in height. The young foliage is an attractive coppery colour.

Hybrid Tea Rose - 'Ena Harkness' Ena Harkness. One of the best and most popular red roses. The flowers have a tendency to hang their heads.

Fragrant Cloud. This splendid rose has flowers of coral-red colouring, large in size and with outstanding fragrance, as the name implies. It makes a medium-sized bush. rose varieties - Rose 'Fragrant Cloud'

rose varieties - Rose 'Papa Meilland' Papa Meilland. An extremely attractive rich red colour, blooms of good shape and a rich scent are attributes which have brought this variety to the fore. It is of medium height.

Uncle Walter. A variety with very large red flowers of classical hybrid tea shape with little tendency to blueing. Growth is extremely vigorous. rose varieties - Rose 'Uncle Rose'

Westminster. A brilliant bi-color rose, vivid deep cherry red with yellow reverse. Growth is tall and very vigorous. Strongly scented.

Yellow to Orange

rose varieties - Rose 'Apricot Silk' Apricot Silk. This is one of the newest roses, and one of the best. The name well describes the deep orange-yellow of the pointed blooms on long flower stems. It is most effective when massed.

rose varieties - Rose 'Beauté' Beauté. A pleasing apricot-yellow with well-formed flowers which stand up well to wet weather. The leathery foliage resists disease.

Doreen. A moderately vigorous rose with deep yellow to orange flowers with red shading. It is scented and flowers very freely, but has an unfortunate tendency to black spot.

Gold Crown. A tall grower, upright in habit. The colour of the well-formed blooms is a clear, deep yellow but turns paler with age. It has dark, disease-resistant foliage.

rose varieties - Rose 'Grandpa Dickson' Grandpa Dickson. A very good yellow, fading a little with age, with a little pink on the margins of the petals. The dark green shining leaves offset the blooms well, and the growth is upright and strong.

Hybrid Tea Rose - 'King's Ransom' King’s Ransom. A shapely medium-sized yellow. It bears its flowers freely and is good for bedding. About medium size.

Lady Belper. An excellent garden rose with beautifully formed blooms of apricot warming to near orange at the heart. It flowers well and has spreading growth of medium height. rose varieties - Rose 'Lady Belper'

Peace. One of the finest roses ever produced. The large flowers vary from pale to deep yellow with variable cerise-pink shading at the edges of the petals. It is very vigorous and needs plenty of space.

rose varieties - Rose 'Piccadilly' Piccadilly. An orange-scarlet and yellow bi-color which pales with age to pink and soft gold. The foliage, reddish when young, changes to dark green with age. It grows about 3 ft. tall.

Flame and Vermillion

Mischief. The medium-sized flowers are deep pink with orange on the outside of the petals. The coppery coloured foliage, resistant to disease, is good and bushes cover the ground well.

Mrs Sam McGredy. Hybrid Tea Rose 'Mrs Sam McGredy' An old rose still outstanding for its bright coppery-orange and red flowers and reddish-bronze foliage. The blooms are produced plentifully and they stand up to wet weather well.

rose varieties - Rose 'Super Star' Super Star. Although this is an outstanding rose, the unusual light vermilion colour of the blooms makes it difficult to associate with other colours. The medium—sized blooms are well formed.


Hybrid Tea Rose - 'Blue Moon' Blue Moon. This well-scented lilac-blue rose is the best choice, perhaps, for those wanting the nearest approach yet to a truly blue rose but it is not really good when grown outdoors – it is better in a cool or unheated greenhouse where the blooms  are protected. Of medium height, it has a branching habit and is slightly stronger, it seems, than Sterling Silver.

Hybrid Tea Rose - 'sterling silver' Sterling Silver. This lavender-lilac variety has been a flower arranger’s favourite since it was introduced in the late 1950s. The flowers have good shape and fragrance and, carefully placed, it is a good garden rose.


Frau Karl Druschke Frau Karl Druschke. We still lack a really good white hybrid tea and I still plant this old and very vigorous variety even though its large dead-white flowers do produce traces of pink on the outside.

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