List of Rose Varieties – Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses:

rose varieties - floribunda roses


Chanelle. The buds are a warm amber outside, opening to China pink and cream, but the flowers tend to become wishy-washy with age. It is a  vigorous variety that covers the ground well and seldom suffers from diseases.

Dearest. A gold medal rose with very pretty pink flowers. The buds are shapely but open to flattish flowers with golden centres; the blooms are carried in large trusses but they do not like wet weather.

Pink Parfait. The pale pink and orange flowers are produced very freely on compact, vigorous bushes. The colour is pleasing but may be too delicate for some people. Fragrance is not one of its strong points.

Queen Elizabeth. The soft pink flowers of this fine and very popular floribunda rose are almost of hybrid tea quality but they are produced on very tall bushes.

Vera Dalton. A variety that does well in my own garden; it could be described as a shorter version of Queen Elizabeth. The flowers are a lovely deep  pink, bluer in shade than Dearest and more pointed in bud, although they open cup-shaped. Compact in growth, the foliage of this variety is dark green and disease resistant.

Violet Carson. Shrimp pink with a paler reverse and fading a little with age, this is a promising new pink floribunda. The long, pointed flowers are of hybrid tea shape and they are said to stand up to wet weather well. The reddish-bronze foliage enhances the flowers.


Daily Sketch. A carmine-pink and silver bi-color, very like Ideal Home, but starting to flower a little earlier. The flowers are large and effective. Medium in height, and with bushy growth.

Paddy McGredy. Described as a hybrid tea-type floribunda it is certainly very easy to mistake the flowers for those of a hybrid tea rose, although it has the free-flowering of a floribunda. The cerise colour is not to everyone’s liking, but the flowers are scented and produced on bushy plants of medium height.

Rosemary Rose. A charming variety with rosette-shaped flowers resembling those of a double camellia. The colour is carmine-crimson and the bronze-red foliage is also handsome. Growth is vigorous and the flowers are produced freely throughout the season. Unfortunately the foliage is prone to mildew.


Border Coral. This variety bears coral-salmon blooms in large trusses; these blooms are still soft enough in colour, however, to tone with reds and the bright deep pinks. The growth is strong but spreading and the plants cover the ground well.

Europeana. A deep crimson floribunda with fully double flowers very freely produced.

Evelyn Fison. The colour is a little lighter than the crimson-scarlet Lilli Marlene, almost a geranium red. The effect is very good and the slight frilling of the petals is pleasing. The foliage is a clean dark green and the growth covers the ground well.

Lilli Marlene. First-rate in every way, this floribunda has velvety crimson-scarlet flowers, fully double and carried in close clusters. Growth is compact and bushy covering the ground well.

Marlena. This rich red floribunda is free-flowering and the dwarfest of all I grow. A very useful variety.

Meteor. A variety of dwarf, bushy habit. The semi-double flowers are a bright vermilion and they are produced in good trusses but there is little scent.

Paprika. This has very bright scarlet semi-double flowers, lightening a little towards the centre. It flowers freely and has shining dark green foliage.

Strawberry Fair. The strawberry-red, semi-double flowers of this variety do not fade as they mature. It flowers freely and is of medium height.

Yellow to Orange

Allgold. Outstanding for its golden-yellow colour which does not fade in the sun or rain. It grows only 2 ft. tall and is resistant to black spot and mildew.

Chinatown. This variety is exceptionally vigorous, growing at least 5 ft. tall in good soil. The large double blooms of hybrid tea shape, produced in small clusters, are a rich yellow. It has healthy, glossy foliage and there is some scent.

Circus. Yellow with pink and salmon tints, this is a fascinating rose, its colours deepening as the blooms age. It is fragrant and double, and its growth is vigorous, although it does not reach any great height.

Elizabeth of Glamis. This fine orange-salmon variety won The Royal National Rose Society’s President’s International Trophy for the best new rose of the year and the Clay Cup for the best new scented rose of the year in l963 — this last award being a most unusual achievement for a floribunda. Also a gold medal winner. Of medium height.

Jiminy Cricket. The colour of this charming rose varies between salmon and pink. It always makes a good show, even in wet weather, and has pleasing reddish foliage.

Woburn Abbey. This is a very showy rose with deep orange flowers of good size. It has pleasing fragrance.

Yellow and Carmine

Paint Box. The colouring is red and yellow gradually turning to deep red — at first glance one could imagine that two varieties had got mixed together. Growth is vigorous.

Shepherd’s Delight. This is another mixture of colours, this time with yellow, orange and flame predominating. The semi-double flowers with frilled edges are freely produced. It does well in the autumn but is rather prone to black spot.

Flame and Vermilion

Anna Wheatcroft. The large single flowers are of reddish-salmon colouring which fades a little with age. The yellow stamens show prominently and liven the effect. Of medium height, growth is bushy and the foliage is dark and healthy.

Firecracker. This rose is unique because of the contrast of its bright cherry red colour with yellow centre and golden anthers. It is immensely free-Bowering and a deservedly popular rose.

Highlight. A good orange-scarlet floribunda with flowers in large trusses. It grows vigorously and resists disease. The old petals are inclined to hang on the trusses when the flowers wither creating an untidy effect.

Orangeade. A popular variety because of its deep orange flowers, but I find that they age to an unattractive puce. The growth of this variety tends to be a little thin.

Orange Sensation. This is such a hot orange-red that it is difficult to blend with other colours, although it should be happy with a white floribunda such as Iceberg. The flowers are double and produced in large clusters on vigorous, well-branched plants.

Orange Silk. A brilliant orange vermilion rose, introduced in 1968, this has large double flowers. It is a vigorous grower with a neat appearance and makes an outstanding display.

Lavender Shades

Lavender Lassie. The lilac-pink, rosette-shaped flowers of this tall-growing rose are very handsome and have good fragrance.

Lavender Pinocchio. The blooms of this variety are greyish-lavender in colour and have pleasant fragrance. It flowers freely.

Magenta. This strong-growing rose has rosy-magenta flowers which it bears freely over an extended period. It also has good fragrance.


Iceberg. The best white floribunda for garden display. Growth is rather tall but covers the ground well.

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