Lemon: Citrus limon

Citrus limon or lemons are originally native to India but are now cultivated on a large scale all round the Mediterranean.

They belong to the same family as the sweet orange and are as much appreciated for their evergreen foliage as for their fruit. The leaves are aromatic and the flowers very fragrant but the ethereal oils they can contain can cause skin irritation. Citrus plants need a warm, sunny place. Lemons need the same care as sweet oranges. They also need weekly applications of special citrus fertilizer.

Yellowing leaves are the sign of being waterlogged causing root rot, or of lack of air, especially when it is much colder during the night than during the day. A tip: if the lemon does not flower it is to keep it dry for about a week. This will prompt it to flower. Lemons are prone to scale insect and mealy bug infestation.

12. June 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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