Lawson cypress: Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Lawson cypress, a member of the Cupressaceae family, is native to the Pacific coastal regions of North America.

In the wild, Lawson cypresses can reach 20-50 m (65-165 ft) in height but garden varieties remain considerably smaller. They are usually columnar and conical but rarely round. They are ideal as a visual screen because of their overlapping leaves, borne on flattened branches and arranged in sprays. The foliage ranges in colour from green to blue, grey and golden.

They prefer a sunny to partially shaded position. Apart from this, the conifer is very undemanding and it can also be cut back as required. But remember that they need watering regularly when grown in a container, as well as a regular application of conifer fertilizer. They can be left outdoors in winter if the container is suitably protected. It is propagated from cuttings from this year’s growth taken in late summer and autumn. It can also be raised from seed collected from the fir-cones in autumn. The leaves can cause allergies.

02. June 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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