Lawncare: Pests and Diseases Affecting Lawns

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Patches of yellowing dead grass appear sometimes in summer but mostly in spring and autumn under conditions of excessive moisture. The patches growing up to a foot in size eventually join up and should be immediately treated with Bordeaux mixture combined with malachite green dye. Prevention is better than cure so encourage healthy turf and do not overfeed with sulphate of ammonia.


The grass becomes discoloured like straw with tiny red threads appearing on the grass blades. It is a late-summer to autumn occurrence and may be treated with Bordeaux/malachite green.


Circles of exceptionally green grass may develop due to the action of certain fungi which feed on the soil, not the grass. They are difficult to eradicate chemically and the only remedy otherwise is to dig out and returf.



It seems a pity that the better the lawn the more likely worms are to appear, because they aerate the soil with their burrowing and create humus. They are a serious problem in large numbers, however, and mowrah meal, derris and potassium permanganate are some of the eradi-cants recommended.


In small numbers these daddy-long legs larvae will not be too harmful, but if the lawn is severely affected BHC dust may be used in late autumn.


Chlordane is effective against these not very frequent troublers.


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