Lawn Grass Seed and Grass Seeding

Lawn Grass Seed

For most people nowadays, their house has a front and a back, a front garden and a back garden, a front lawn and a back lawn. Front lawns, like shop windows, are intended to be eye catching. The back lawn is often more for use than ornament and invariably where there are children and pets it is subjected to a great deal of wear. This means that finer, though not such hard-wearing, varieties of grass can be used for the purely ornamental front lawn.

lawn grass seed

Newer and better strains of grass seed are being evolved every year and varieties are now available for specific purposes; for example, under trees, in shade, on dry sandy soils and there are even grasses which are greener and better in the winter than they are in the summer.

It is therefore worth your while to enquire more closely into the characteristics of the grass seed you propose to sow, if you take any pride at all in the appearance of your lawn. It is worth this extra trouble because the lawn is there for as long as the house lasts. You may change your flower beds and their contents but seldom would you change the lawn.

It used to be said, with truth, that rye grasses should never be included in a good seed mixture but this no longer holds good because dwarf leafy rye grass strains are now available. But don’t be fobbed off with any old packet of cheap lawn seed. As with most commodities the higher the price you pay, the better the quality.

The time for sowing grass seed in the British Isles is roughly from the end of March to the end of April and from late August to the end of September. However, during a cool showery season sowing grass seed can be made during any of the summer months as long as you avoid hot dry periods. Any time when there has been a shower of rain during midsummer germination is quick and with modern sprinkler systems growth can be maintained.

25. July 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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