In some favoured parts of the country the evergreen Chilean climbing shrub. Lapageria rosea – the only species of this genus – is grown out of doors in sheltered, sunny positions but for most of us it must be considered as a plant for the cool greenhouse. The pink, bell-shaped flowers, which are borne in the summer and autumn, are especially lovely. There is also a white variety. Ideally this is a plant for a greenhouse border with trellis or wires for it to climb up, but it can be grown in a large pot or tub and trained around canes.


Planting or potting should be carried out in March using a loamy. Lime-free compost to which peat has been added. The drainage must be first-class and water should be provided freely in spring and summer with daily syringing of the foliage. Maintain a temperature of 7 to 10°C. (45 to 50°F.) in winter, 13 to 16°C. (55 to 60°F.) in summer and ventilate freely in summer whenever conditions allow. Shade from strong sunshine should be provided. In winter reduce the water supply considerably. Little pruning is necessary, but remove overcrowded or weak growths in March.

Greenfly can be troublesome and appropriate spraying or fumigating measures should be taken. Also, slug damage should be watched for with young plants.


This shrub is quite easily increased in spring or early summer by layering young shoots. These are pegged down in John Innes No. 1 Potting Com-post and roots will form at the leaf joints. The shoots can be cleanly cut away from the parent plant when well rooted and the new plants potted individually.

01. March 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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