Laburnum – Popular Trees for the Garden

Laburnum X vossii


The laburnums are strictly small trees, but they never grow very tall and although they may be grown as standards on a single stem, often fork low down, giving the appearance of a tall  shrub. They grow quite quickly, but rarely to more than 20 feet in height and it is more usual to see them at about 15 feet. The common laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides) is pleasant enough in late May and June with its trails of golden flowers, and it does well near the sea and in exposed, windy gardens. It is not, however, as good as the hybrid, Laburnum X vossii, which has longer trails of flowers, some 15-18 inches in length, borne a little later. This kind also has the advantage of  producing fewer of the poisonous black seeds that make some people with small children, reluctant to plant the beautiful laburnums.

Another kind which flowers later than the ordinary laburnum is its variety autumnale and with this, too, the flower trails are longer.

Laburnums grow in any kind of soil, including those containing much chalk. They do not require pruning, but, where there are small children about it is advisable to go over the trees after flowering and cut off the dead flower trails to prevent the seed from setting.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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