(deciduous leaf-losing)

Laburnums thrive in any soil. They grow-rapidly from seed, although sometimes they are not very long-lived. Plant from October to March.

Laburnum alpinum (scotch laburnum), 15 ft., yellow flowers in June.

English: Laburnum anagyroides Medik. Laburnum....

English: Laburnum anagyroides Medik. Laburnum. Flowers. Jardin des Plantes, Paris. Français : Laburnum anagyroides Medik. Cytise – Aubour. Fleurs. Jardin des Plantes, Paris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

L. anagyroides (common laburnum), 20 ft., one of the joys of the spring garden with its golden-yellow pea-flowers which are borne very freely in May.

L. vossii, 20 ft., a hybrid that bears trails of flowers 9 in. long in June.

There is also the most unusual graft hybrid between a cytisus and a laburnum: Laburnocytisus adami, 20 ft. or more; the flowers, borne in spring, may be the purplish flowers of the cytisus, the yellow flowers of the laburnum, or the purplish-pink flowers of the laburnocytisus.

13. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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