Labour Saving Gardens: ‘Just Lawn and Trees’

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Another labour saving arrangement that can be adapted to almost any size of garden is one in which the basic ingredients are simply grass, trees and shrubs. No paths or other constructions or special features of any kind, apart from the patio and normal service paths.

The garden would take the form of a pleasant glade which would be reached from a fairly wide patio at the rear of the house. The glade would be a wholly lawned area in which islands had been cut out for the siting of individual specimen subjects. The front part of the lawn would be left open, apart from a pair of conifers or standard roses on each side of the opening leading from the patio to the lawn.

Then, there could be an informal arrangement of trees and shrubs, with the smaller, low-growing and prostrate subjects at the front, allowing the outline to rise gently as you proceed down the garden.

There are many subjects suitable for this sort of plan. But avoid any trees that will grow to huge proportions, overshadowing the remaining members of your glade family. At the front you could use groups of heathers, hydrangeas, hypericum, banking up with magnolia, cherry, crab apple, buddleia, Pieris japonica, Japanese maple, Chinese juniper and so on.

Around the base of each tree, cut out a bed that is the width of the branch span of the tree, since grass will not grow well underneath. The bed can be underplanted with suitable subjects, if you wish, such as seasonal bulbs.


06. September 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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