Kerria – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Kerria japonica


There is one species only of Kerria, Kerria japonica, although there are several varieties of it. One does not often see Kerria japonica itself, as most people prefer to grow the larger double-flowered form, pleniflora (or flore-plena) which makes a considerably larger plant.

Yet the ordinary kind has its merits and indeed, is one of the more popular shrubs found in gardens generally. It grows about 5-6 feet tall when planted against a wall or fence of any aspect, not quite so tall when grown in the open. It makes a clump of green stems, somewhat arching in habit, on which, mainly in April and May but also at other times of the year, appear numerous orange-yellow flowers, not unlike small single roses or large buttercups.

There is also a dwarf form, picta (or variegata), which has leaves edged with silvery-white.

Any kind of soil seems suitable for this shrub provided it is not too poor and dry. If it is to be planted in the open, a reasonably sheltered position should be chosen and it does not matter if this is in semi-shade. Pruning is not generally required. However, as plants make fairly extensive thickets it is worth thinning out the stems occasionally to let in light and air.

14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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