Kentia palm: Howea

This genus of palms belongs to the Areaceae family and is native to the islands of the South Pacific. The two species both have large pinnate leaves and are very popular container and house plants. In the wild they grow from a single stem but when cultivated they are trained to develop several stems. Besides H. belmoreana, H. forsteriana is the best known species. Unlike its relative, its stem is more robust and the large fronds do not arch. Both dislike full sun, preferring a partially shaded position. But above all they need warmth, young plants needing as much as 20° C (68° F) all year round. They must be watered regularly, preferably with soft water to prevent the formation of brown leaf spot.

In addition, they should be given weekly applications of fertilizer. In winter they should be moved to a bright place and a temperature of 10-15° C (50-59° F). Howeas can be raised from seed in spring but germination can take several months.

20. August 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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