Junipers thrive in most soils but particularly in chalk. Plant in September, October or April.

Juniperus communis, 40 ft., too tall for most gardens.

English: Young shoots on Juniperus communis in...

English: Young shoots on Juniperus communis in Malá Fatra, Slovakia Polski: Młode pędy na gałązce Jałowca pospolitego, okolice przysiółka wsi Terchová – Štefanovej, Mała Fatra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

J.c. compressa (Noah’s ark juniper), grows very slowly to 1 or 2 ft., a cone-shaped variety.

J.c. hibernica, 12 ft. eventually, a dark green specimen tree often seen on lawns or in formal gardens.

J. pfitzeriana, a prostrate form, which produces spreading, fan-shaped growths pendulous at the tips.

J. sabina tamariscifolia, a prostrate form.

12. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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