Indoor Floral Displays

Dining becomes a special occasion if flowers are used to create individual decorations that complement the place settings – whether simply understated or elaborately elegant.

Making the extra effort to use flowers creatively, as part of the decoration of a table, will always be noticed and appreciated. Even everyday meals will be more pleasurable if a few seasonal blooms are simply arranged in a relaxed style. Lunch, tea or dinner parties will all be transformed into special occasions if flowers are used to decorate the individual place settings. Guests will feel that thought has been given to them, and the flowers will provide a useful conversation piece to help break the ice.

Colour co-ordinated

The secret of success is to consider the colours and patterns of tablecloths, napkins, china and glassware when choosing the flowers. The time of day and whether the occasion is fairly formal, or more relaxed, will also dictate the way in which flowers are used.

Any combination of fresh-cut or growing flowers can be used. Tiny pots of miniature Spring bulbs seem appropriate to lunch and teatime, while more glamourous combinations of showy flowers and foliage create an atmosphere of elegant refinement. Perfumed flowers can introduce an added dimension, although care must be taken to ensure that the fragrances are not so strong that they detract from the food.

The style and period of the room and its furnishings should also indicate the approach: a high-tech room will suit stark, simple treatments with bold use of unusual flowers and modern tableware. More conservative décor will suit a softer mix of flowers and foliage.

Maximum impact

Flowers can be linked by colour to the food itself – often the first course will already be set out on the table – so that the maximum impact is made when guests first take their places. Flowers and foliage can be twined around napkins; single blooms or tiny posies can be laid on plates, perhaps just where women will be sitting, so that they can take them away as mementos at the end of the meal.

24. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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