Indoor Ferns and Orchids

Growing Ferns and orchids

ferns and orchidsFerns in many shades of green make the perfect foil for the splendour of orchid flowers. Most often it is the tropical species of these flowering and green plants that are grown indoors and they therefore usually have similar requirements as to care and the position they prefer. High humidity and good quality water are indispensable for both orchids and ferns.

When choosing orchids, consider their special needs with respect to temperature and light. Many orchids originate from mountainous regions in tropical countries where they are subjected to a wide range of changing temperatures both night and day. Certain species also require relatively high intensity of light. These special needs, which often may not correspond to the ideal conditions for tropical ferns, will have to be met when growing such plants on a windowsill if you want them to flower again and again.

In the gardening trade it is mostly orchid hybrids that are for sale; in other words, plants that have been created through crossing. Such orchids are both less demanding in respect of the above requirements and also often display vigorous growth and frequent flowering. They make ideal companion plants for indoor ferns.

01. June 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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