ILEX (HOLLY) as a Hedgeplant

(E = evergreen)

One of the slowest-growing but longest-lived evergreens, well worth planting for its well-groomed appearance all year round. It forms a tough barrier, provides a complete screen, and is very hardy in all districts. Holly flourishes even in shady positions and in any type of soil, but the ground should be well prepared before planting. Plant 10-in. plants in late September, October or April, 1-½ ft. apart. Give a mulch of well-rotted compost or leaf mould for the first three or four summers after planting. Prune very judiciously for the first few years in April; well-formed hedges will withstand severe annual clipping. Up to 15 ft.

English: European holly (Ilex aquifolium) frui...

English: European holly (Ilex aquifolium) fruits and leaves in Kew Gardens. Magyar: Közönséges magyal (Ilex aquifolium) termések és levelek a Kewban. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ilex aquifolium (common holly), with its shining, dark green leaves, is an excellent hedging plant, as are its varieties:

I. a. aurea marginata, with golden margins on the leaves, and I.a. polycarpa laevigata, which has paler green foliage than the type.

13. November 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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