How to Manage Greenhouse Hygiene

Greenhouse Hygiene

greenhouse hygiene - cleaning a greenhouse

  • Good hygiene is the key to keeping plants healthy. Remember that in the warmer conditions in a greenhouse everything happens much more quickly than it does outside. Inspect your plants regularly. Remove diseased, dying, and dead leaves and flowers from plants. Discard dead or dying plants, seedlings, or cuttings. Look out for early signs of pests or diseases, and take appropriate actions.

  • Do not leave debris in the greenhouse. Dead plant material, dead plants, old composts, weeds, and dirty pots and trays are ideal breeding grounds for pests and diseases and should be removed.

  • A good time to give the greenhouse a thorough clean is late autumn, when annual crops and flowers are over and you can catch pests and diseases before they overwinter. Choose a warm day so you can put pot plants outside temporarily. Thoroughly scrub the inside of the greenhouse structure: the framework, staging, and glass, with hot, soapy water.

  • Change the sand in trays on the benches, and clean capillary matting. If you cannot work a proper rotation of crops, or grow green manures, then you may also need to change the border soil. Before returning your plants remember to examine each one carefully for signs of pests and diseases. Keep aside any that are not healthy for further treatment.

  • Clean the outside of the glass if it is dirty, as plants need all the light that they can get. Whilst outside, also empty and scrub water-butts.

28. November 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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