How to Grow Flageolet and Haricot Beans

Flageolet Beans

Prepare the ground, sow the seed and grow exactly as you would when growing French beans; harvest while the beans in the pods are green.


Granda, plants grow 1-1/2 feet high and crop more heavily than White Leviathan.

White Leviathan, the plants grow about 15 inches high and produce plenty of foliage. Flavour is excellent.

Haricot Beans

The plants are grown in exactly the same way as French beans, but the pods are allowed to stay on the plants after the seeds have ripened. When thrashed, the beans are either white or yellowish-brown. Though popular abroad they are seldom grown in Britain, because the yield is low in proportion to the space taken up by the plants.


Where cloches or ganwicks are available, sow the seed 2 inches deep with the rows 1-½ feet apart early in April. Remove the cloches or ganwicks by the end of May, but put them back again in the first week in September to make certain that the pods ripen properly. In sunny dry years, of course, this is not necessary.

When growing the plants in the open without any glass protection at all, sow the seed in late April.


flageolet beans Uproot the plants in late September or early in October and put them complete with pods into a sack. Beat the sack with a stick to thrash out the dry beans, separate the seeds from the dried pods and put the haulms and roots on the compost heap. Store the beans in jars or tins for the winter.


Brown Dutch, a coarse-growing, vigorous variety. Usually grows 1-1/2 ft. high. The pods ripen well and are easy to shell. The beans are yellowish-brown.

Merton Flaricot, a better strain than White Rice. The beans are a little larger, though the crop is not quite as heavy and is ready a few days earlier.

White Rice, a form of the well-known Comtesse de Chambord variety. The plants grow about 15 in. high, and bear masses of small, white-skinned beans. The pods are small.

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