How to Grow Curding Broccoli

This is sometimes known as winter cauliflower. The curds are generally a little coarser than the true summer cauliflower. Many seedsmen’s catalogues list winter cauliflowers in the following groups: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Late Spring, and Early Summer.

Broccoli produces curds from the end of September until the middle of the following June. It is possible to have curds all year round if the true cauliflower is grown as well.

Broccoli will grow in almost any soil, provided that it has been well manured. The plants do best on really firm ground and, because they are planted out in the summer, it is best for them to follow a well-manured crop such as potatoes, broad beans or early peas.

If the site was well manured for the previous crop, it need be forked only very lightly, to clean up after the harvesting. After forking, tread the soil down and add fish manure with a 10 per cent potash content at 3 ounces to the square yard. Then give a light raking and leave the ground level.

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If the soil is not limy or chalky, give it a surface dressing with carbonate of lime at 4 to 5 ounces to the square yard. Just before planting out; if this top dressing is given, do not give nitrogen late in the season, otherwise soft growth will be encouraged and the plants will not be hardy. A useful dressing is 5 parts by weight of hoof and horn meal, 4 parts superphosphate and 2 parts sulphate of potash, used at the rate of 4 ounces to the square yard.



Roscoff  Extra Early, suitable for the south and south-west. White curds. September to December.

Veitch’s Self-Protecting, produces large, close, pure white curds. October to November.


Early Feltham, very hardy, large, snow-white heads. January to February.

Roscoff Noel, suitable for sheltered garden. December to January.

Snow’s Winter White, large creamy-white head of uniform size. February to March.


Cambridge Hardy, late. Good hardy variety for the north. April to May.

Late Feltham, pure white heads of uniform size. April to May.

Leamington, good-quality white curds. April.

Lenten Monarch, large white heads. April.

Early Summer

Midsummer, very good variety for cutting late. May to June.

Rear Guard, high quality white heads. June to July.

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