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The plants in the houseplant section are divided into groups according to their use in the home; individual genera are arranged in the alphabetical order of their Latin names within each group. Naturally, it was difficult to make clear-marked distinctions between the groups and prevent them from over-lapping. Some foliage plants often have very attractive flowers as well and at the same time may also be epiphytes, so that they could easily be classed in three different groups. Most of the plants listed under ‘Orchids’ or ‘Bromeliads’, for example, are epiphytes. In this case we rely not only on the reader’s understanding of the difficulty of assigning a given plant to the correct group but also on his reading what the rest of this website has to say on growing and caring for house plants. An age-old problem for gardeners are the names given to plants. Not only do plants have official scientific names, but they are also known by various traditional names, often old synonyms that are no longer valid. This website observes the new, botanically correct nomenclature. Only in occasional instances is a plant listed under an older synonym, namely in the case of plants where the correct name is not yet commonly used by botanists themselves, or where it has not become an accepted term and the reader might have trouble finding the plant in the index.

15. November 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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