Hordeum: squirrel grass

Height 30-60cm (1 -2ft)

Planting distance 15cm (6in)

Flowers early to late summer

Well-drained fertile soil

Sunny site

Hardy annual grass

Hordeum jubatum – commonly referred to as squirrel grass – bears 30cm (1ft) high slender feathery flower heads, similar to ripe barley but without the grain. These appear from early to late summer.

It looks best planted in large drifts, perhaps in beds of annuals to provide welcome relief from bright flower colours. But it is also a popular ornamental grass for flower arrangers.

To dry squirrel grass for winter decoration, cut it in warm dry weather in late summer and hang the grasses upside down to dry in a cool place.


Squirrel grass should be grown in well-drained fertile soil in a sunny site.

Sow the seeds outdoors in mid spring, sprinkling it thinly across the ground and covering it with only a little soil. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, thin them to 10cm (4in) apart.

Pests and diseases

Trouble free.

22. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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