Honeysuckle As a Screening Feature

Honeysuckle can be used anywhere around the house to cover an unsightly feature, producing masses of delicate blooms that fill the air with a heady, sweet fragrance.

There are many varieties of Honeysuckle, but none surpass the fragrance and delicate beauty of the native hedgerow species, Lonicera periclymenum with its pink-tinged white and cream blooms. Tumbling over a wall, pergola or shed, this twining climber will fill the air with a sweet scent reminiscent of old-fashioned cottage gardens.

Planted in a barrel, Honey-suckle can be grown anywhere, although it will benefit from light shading, and used to cover unsightly features around the house, such as drain pipes or cracked walls. It can be underplanted with foliage plants for a balanced display, or even Summer bedding.


Individual stems can be supported and trained by attaching them to the wall with special clips that are nailed in place. For a more permanent display, fix a piece of trellis to the wall to support the plant.


Place crocks over the drainage holes in the bottom of the barrel to prevent compost from leaching out during watering. Then fill the barrel, up to 8cm (3in) below the rim, with a free-draining compost, firming as you go.

Remove the Honeysuckle from its pot by turning it upside down and tapping the pot to release the rootball. Make a hole in the compost, towards the back of the barrel, and lower the rootball in, firming compost back around it.

The space in front of the Honeysuckle will be large enough to accommodate S. Helichrysum, depending on their size. Remove from the pots and plant equally-spaced, encouraging some of the foliage to spill over the sides.

Gently firm the compost between the plants, filling in any low spots you come across with more compost, but take care not to bury the plants too deeply. Water the arrangement well, using a watering can fitted with a rose.

03. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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