Hibiscus – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Hibiscus syriacus


Hibiscus syriacus and its numerous varieties, sometimes known as Tree Hollyhocks, are invaluable shrubs for they flower late, when a good many shrubs are already over. They begin to flower in July and it is sometimes October before the last flowers appear. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, much like those of the popular hollyhocks to which they are related, and there is now a fair colour range.

These plants grow slowly to about 6-8 feet, making upright, rather than spreading bushes. They will grow in any reasonable garden soil but must have a sunny position. Dead wood should be removed when the plants are well in leaf which may not be until May.

Hibiscus 'Blue Bird' Apart from the late-summer flowering, two of these shrubs at least are useful in that they have blue flowers. These are Hibiscus ‘Blue Bird’ and Hibiscus ‘Coeleste’.

Hibiscus syriacus coeruleus plenus has double purplish-blue flowers, roseus plenus has double lilac-red flowers and violaceus plenus double reddish-purple. ‘Hamabo’, a popular kind, has pale pink blooms with a crimson blotch at the petal bases and often with pink-tipped petals. ‘Duc de Brabant’ is a double red and monstrosus plenus a double white, purplish at the centre.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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