Hermodactylus Snake’s-head Iris

Height 25-30cm (10-12in)

Planting distance 15cm (6in)

Flowers mid to late spring

Well-drained alkaline soil

Sheltered sunny position

Tubers available in early autumn Hermodactylus tuberosus (syn. Iris tuberosa) is the only species in this genus of iris look-alikes. It is an interesting plant to have in the garden, with its greenish-yellow flowers tipped dark brown at the tips of the lower drooping petals. To ensure that the delicately scented flowers appear in mid and late spring, give the plants a warm sunny situation.


Plant the tubers in early autumn, 5-7.5cm (2-3in) deep and 15cm (6in) apart. They grow particularly well on chalk but tolerate other soil, provided it is warm, well-drained and doesn’t dry out in summer.


Lift and divide established clumps in autumn.

Pests and diseases

Slugs may attack flower buds as they emerge.

22. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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