Hedging Tools

For gardens of moderate size, a good pair of garden shears should be suf-ficient for the job of hedge-trimming. Buy the best you can afford and make sure you get a pair with a notched blade for cutting through tough stems and small branches, essential where larger hedges such as beech, laurel or holly are being dealt with.

Lighter types of shears with shorter blades, some of which work with a one-handed, scissor-type action, can be useful for keeping small hedges in trim, such as those of lavender, box, or rosemary.

For gardens of above average size it will pay to invest in a powered hedge trimmer of some kind. This can be a great labour-saver where long stretches of hedge need clipping and also makes the cultivation of more demanding hedging shrubs, such as privet and lonicera, a much more practical proposition.

Several kinds of electric hedge trimmers are obtainable, with a choice of both mains and battery power. The latter are normally lighter in weight, easier to use, and ideal for small hedges; also they are safer, as there is no cable to get in the way.

27. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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