Growing Plants of the Same Genus in Miniature Gardens

Together in the foregoing posts, I have assumed that the reader wants to grow as many different kinds of plants as possible in the space at his disposal, and for those with only one or two sinks this is undoubtedly the best plan. Such is the attraction of these little gardens, however, that their numbers are apt to multiply, and the owner of several might well consider the idea of devoting one or more containers to different species of the same genus. This has the advantage that the plants can be given the soil and situation best suited to their requirements. On the other hand, since closely allied species usually flower more or less simultaneously, the display, though eminently satisfying while it lasts, will be of comparatively short duration.

In my own garden I have compromised by having one very large sink containing many different kinds of plants, and three smaller ones devoted respectively to various species of dianthus, soldanellas and Kabschia saxifrages. The last-named, which incidentally are ideal miniature garden plants, are especially suitable for growing in this way, as they require either more water or more shade during the summer than the general run of alpines, besides flowering earlier in the season than most. From the end of February to the beginning of April a sink full of these little saxifrages makes a brave show, and their tightly compressed foliage, which varies in shape and colour between the different species and hybrids, is attractive to the eye all the year round.

24. May 2017 by Dave Pinkney
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