Growing Peas In Containers: Pisum sativum

Peas are also members of the Leguminosae family. Three types of varieties are particularly suited for growing in containers: green or marrow-fat round-seeded peas, sugar peas or mangetout, and petits-pois.

Several low-growing varieties have been developed from the green pea, which is the best-known type. These low-growing forms do not need any support structure. Green or split peas are used to make pea soup. Nowadays there are also low-growing varieties of sugar peas which can be eaten with the pod. Peas can be sown indoors from February. Sugar peas or mangetout can already be sown outdoors at the beginning of April, while green peas and petits-pois can only be sown after all clanger of frost has passed. Peas grow best in well-drained, humus-rich soil in a sunny, airy position.

They need watering regularly and weekly feeding. Except for the low-growing varieties, all peas will require a supporting structure.

Mangetout peas should be picked before they go yellow. Green peas and petits-pois also taste better when young.

03. April 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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