Growing Ferns in Indoor Tubs

For growing in tubs in the garden room or conservatory, nothing could be more majestic than the Tree Ferns, the Dicksonias and Cyatheas; they need little attention apart from watering, but must never be allowed to get dry.

It is also advisable in dry weather to spray the trunks daily with a mist spray, because the young roots emerge just below the crown of fronds and work their way downwards through the old frond bases until they reach the ground. If you can get a specimen with a good trunk on it, it will be many years old and it is well worth a little trouble to keep it happy.

If the bare trunks seem too bare, it is a simple matter to grow some epiphytic fern such as Pyrrhosia serpens on the trunk. This little New Zealand species grows naturally in such places and when established it will provide an interesting feature for the garden room.

indoor ferns Much less exotic, but equally interesting, many of the varieties of our own Polypody could be planted at the base of the Tree Fern, and when they get going, with the aid of a mist spray now and again, they will begin to climb the Tree Fern trunk.

Given large enough tubs, quite a collection of ferns could be grown in this way.


09. May 2011 by Craig Thomas
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