Growing Ferns in a Bottle Garden

A bottle garden

Large-bellied glass containers of all kinds are suitable. Use only the smaller types of ferns, such as Pellaea rotundifolia, Polystichum tsus-simense, Selaginella or small Pteris. A bottle garden is the ideal environment for certain rare small ferns that are difficult to grow in a room because the humidity is too low or they are too sensitive to drying out. Among these are Actiniopteris australis and Hemionitis arifolia.

planting a fern bottle garden Method

• Using a funnel made of cardboard, fill the base of the bottle with fine pebbles or Hortag to act as a drainage layer.

• Add enough compost on top of this, making sure that the root of the plant will still have sufficient room.

• Use a spoon and a fork which are tied to sticks as extended planting tools.

• Use these to insert the plants carefully and lightly press down the compost with the spoon .

• Finally, water and close the bottle. If there is a lot of condensation, open it for a while now and then. Containers with small openings need not be closed at all as the moisture will remain in the open glass for a long while and you may not need to water again for several weeks.


Ferns in an east-facing window

planting ferns in an east facing window An east-facing window is not only an ideal place for ferns as many other plants also love the morning sun which provides enough light without burning them with rays that are too intense.

Flowering plants or plants with variegated foliage create splashes of colour and accentuate the soothing shades of the green ferns. The following plants go well with indoor ferns.

Flowering plants:

Achimenes hybrids, begonias (Begonia “Eliator” hybrids), Catharanthus roseus, Dipteracanthus species, busy Lizzie (lmpatiens New Guinea hybrids), African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha hybrids) and Streptocarpus hybrids.

Foliage plants:

Begonias (Begonia rex hybrids), Caladium hybrids, Calathea species, Cordyline fruticosa, Ctenanthe species, Dieffenbachia species and hybrids, Dracaena species, Fittonia verschaeffeltii, Hypoestes phyllostachya, Maranta leuconeura,

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