Growing Clematis and Climbing Plants in a Conservatory

clematis growing in a conservatory

Growing Clematis and Climbing Plants in a Conservatory

Over the past few years conservatories have become increasingly popular. Their primary purpose is to provide an extra room for the house, but they have the added advantage of augmenting the garden as well.

Many clematis plants or climbing plants are too tender to grow outside but will thrive under the protection of a conservatory. There are others that will flourish outside but which indoors will flower either more prolifically or earlier in the year, lighting up the dark days of winter with a welcome splash of colour.

In general, clematis don’t appreciate being grown indoors, preferring the cooler, more airy conditions outside. But there are some that will grow better in a conservatory.

The evergreen Clematis cirrhosa will not flower successfully in northern counties, but given a position under cover it will bear masses of its creamy bell-like flowers from January onwards C. florida Alba Plena’ from China, and its relative C.f.’Sieboldii’, are both quite hardy, but in a conservatory they will provide a never-ending succession of their strange double flowers right up until Christmas. Some of the large-flowered hybrids will also flower more readily indoors. Clematis ‘Lady Northcliffe’, for example, tends not to flower in the north, but does so happily with the extra warmth that a conservatory affords. Other hybrids will flower much earlier, but these should be chosen carefully; often they will grow vigorously, lose their bottom leaves and produce only a few small flowers.

Other climbing plants that can be grown to good effect include the various forms of passion flower (if space permits) and abutilon, although these do tend to be rather badly affected by whitefly.

27. September 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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