Grow Herbs – Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium)

grow herbs - Chervil (anthriscus cerefolium)


Anthriscus cerefolium

A fine-leaved, hardy, annual herb with rather carrot-like foliage more spreading.

The unusual flavour of the leaves, which is described by some as like aniseed, is excellent with egg dishes and soups, but as it is volatile, the leaves should be added only towards the end of cooking.

Grow Herbs, Chervil,Anthriscus cerefolium It may be sown in March for summer use or late summer and autumn for winter harvesting. Sow as thinly as possible where the plants are to grow, cover with a sprinkling of soil and water in. When the plants start growing away, thin as necessary to intervals of about 150 mm (6 in). Keep the soil weed-free.

Once established, chervil should last for some years by self-sown seedlings. It is also easily raised and grown on in pots.

Site: Open, or in pots

Soil: Rich and fairly moist

Sow: In spring for summer crops; in late summer and autumn for winter

Harvest: Summer or winter, depending on sowing times

23. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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