Greenhouse Growing Calendar

Greenhouse Growing Calendar

greenhouse growing calendar This calendar shows how you might fill a small garden greenhouse throughout the year, to make it both attractive and productive.


Greenhouse Suggestions


PROPAGATOR – Seedlings of half-hardy vegetables for the greenhouse, eg. tomatoes; vegetables for the garden, eg. celery; half-hardy flowers for the greenhouse and for bedding out.

STAGING – Spring bulbs, eg. daffodils; winter bedding plants, eg. dwarf wallflowers (Cheiranthus) in pots; early transplants for the garden, eg. broad beans, lettuce; pots of hardy herbs, eg. chives (Allium schoenoprasum).

SPACE UNDER BENCHES – Foliage plants, eg. ivies; forced vegetables from the garden, eg. Witloof chicory; shrubs in pots that have finished flowering (see winter).

SOIL BORDERS – Last of the winter salads, eg. endives, Chinese mustards, seedling crops (see winter); hardy annual flowers, eg. pot marigolds (Calendula officinalis); early vegetables, eg. carrots, radishes, cutting lettuce.

SPACE FOR LARGE POTS – Half-hardy perennials, eg. bay (Laurus nobilis), lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla).


PROPAGATOR – Softwood/semi-ripe cuttings (shade if necessary).

STAGING – Half-hardy vegetables in pots, eg. peppers, aubergines; wallflowers; half- hardy perennial flowers (overwintered in greenhouse), eg. geraniums (Pelargonium), fuchsias; half-hardy annuals in pots, eg. verbena, petunias; summer bulbs potted up.

SPACE UNDER BENCHES – Foliage plants; shade-loving half-hardy annuals; shrubs put outside in a sheltered part of garden.

SOIL BORDERS – Tomatoes, edged with half-hardy annual flowers and herbs, eg. French marigolds (Tagetespatula), bush basil (Ocimum minimum); cucumbers; climbing half-hardy flowers, eg. morning glory (Ipomoea syn. Convolvulus spp); early vegetables, eg. lettuce, carrots.

SPACE FOR LARGE POTS – Half-hardy perennials moved outside.


PROPAGATOR – Semi-ripe cuttings.

STAGING – Winter salads in modules for planting into beds when summer crops have been removed; half-hardy vegetables (see summer); perennial flowers (as summer); summer bulbs, eg. nerines; wallflowers potted up for spring flowering.

SPACE UNDER BENCHES – Foliage plants (as summer); early flowering shrubs brought in.

SOIL BORDERS – Tomatoes and edging (as summer); cucumbers and climbers (as summer).

SPACE FOR LARGE POTS – Clumps of hardy herbs potted up; half-hardy perennials brought in for protection.


PROPAGATOR – Overwintering small tender plants, eg. newly rooted geranium cuttings.

STAGING – Pots of hardy herbs, wallflowers, and spring bulbs; forced bulbs for winter flowering, eg. ‘Paper White narcissi’; early flowering shrubs, eg. camellias.

SPACE UNDER BENCHES – Hardy foliage plants.

SOIL BORDERS – Winter salads (see spring); winter lettuce; seedling crops.

SPACE FOR LARGE POTS – Half-hardy perennials.

(Bold type indicates crops ready to harvest and flowers in bloom.)

28. November 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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