The Glory Lily, as this plant is called. Is a tender, bulbous-rooted climber for the warm greenhouse which much appeals to me for it has unusual and attractive flowers. These have spotted, narrow, wavy and recurved petals. Two species are usually grown: Glorioso rothschildiana with crimson flowers, and G. superba with blossoms of orange and red. G. superba needs rather less heat than the other. They climb by means of tendrils on the ends of the leaves and reach a height of about 6 ft. It is usual to train the growths to the roof or to trellis work.

A temperature of 13°C. (55°F.) is needed from September to January rising to 21°C. (70°F.) from February to August.


The bulbs are potted in February or March, three or four bulbs to an 8- or 9-in. pot or one to a 6-in. pot. They are planted 2 in. deep in John Innes No. 2 Potting Compost. Water should be given in moderate quantities until growth is well advanced and then more freely. During the summer, too, the plants need feeding regularly with liquid or soluble fertiliser.

When the leaves go yellow in the autumn, water should be gradually withheld and the soil left completely dry in the winter months. The pots can be stood under the greenhouse staging to keep them out of the way.


Increase is by seeds sown singly in 2-½-in. pots of seed compost in January. Germinate them in a propagating frame with a temperature of 2I°C. (70°F.). The young plants should be moved without disturbing the roots into 7-in. pots. Alternatively, offsets can be removed from the parent bulbs at potting time, this being done with great care as the bulbs are very brittle.

01. March 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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