Glass Vases: Flower Displays

Exploit the special qualities of glass to add style and drama to flower displays, combining luminous light and translucent colour with sculptural plant forms.

Glass containers for flowers can range from the humble jam jar to sculptural, one-off. Designer creations, but they all share the same qualities of transparency. Used with imagination, flowers can be given added drama and impact in glass containers.

Because the stems of flowers are usually visible through the glass, the whole bloom should be considered as part of the overall composition. This may be a single specimen in a simple, modern tank, a mass of colourful flowers in a decorative glass vase, or a carefully designed display that forms an essential element in a room scheme. Growing plants can also make intriguing displays when the roots are visible through glass.

Dramatic effects

Light reflecting through glass can be an important element in a display; placing vases or tanks in front of windows or sources of artificial light can produce dramatic effects.

Glass containers can range from the delicate – with slender-stemmed wine glasses used for softly cascading centrepieces on a dinner table – to the robust. Such as laboratory tanks. Tiny phials in specially-designed stands are perfect for displaying single blooms, while richly-coloured glass vessels make good collections to combine with flowers. Frosted and opalescent glass gives an ethereal effect, the flower stems being just visible.

Probably the least attractive glass container is the traditional cut-glass vase, which usually has an unsympathetic shape and a harsh surface which does not complement flowers.

Seen to advantage

All glass containers must be kept scrupulously clean to be seen to advantage, while the water in any arrangement should be free of leaves and changed regularly.


Absolute cleanliness

It is vital to keep all transparent and translucent glass containers absolutely-clean for them to look their best. Always scrub them out thoroughly between uses, or fill with a weak solution of bleach and water and allow to stand for several hours if the interior of the vase is inaccessible. An old-fashioned bottle brush could be a useful purchase for this purpose.

All clear

To ensure that the water in a glass container of flowers is kept as clean as possible, add a few drops of bleach and a little sugar. Change the water frequently.

24. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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