Height 45-60cm (18-24in)

Planting distance 23cm (9in)

Flowers early summer to early autumn

Light well-drained soil

Sunny site

Hardy annual

Gilias are grown for their attractive feathery mid-green foliage and showy flowers which appear from early summer onwards. They are good for massing in beds and borders and as cut flowers.

Popular species

Gilia capitata has pincushion-like heads of lavender-blue flowers from early summer to early autumn on 45cm (18in) high stems. Gilia tricolor bears clusters of pale violet bell-shaped flowers ringed maroon at the base, in early summer. It grows 60cm (2ft) high.


Sow in the flowering position in early autumn for flowering in early summer of the following year, or in early spring for flowering later in the summer. Ordinary garden soil will suffice, though a light well-drained soil gives the best results. The site should be in full sun. Thin out the seedlings to 23cm (9in) apart when they are strong enough to handle – leave autumn-sown ones until spring.

Pests and diseases

Trouble free.

22. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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