Garden Planter Ideas

Every-day garden utensils are easily transformed into a set of original, shiny planters that are ideal for bright bedding in shades of orange and gold.

With a little imagination, it’s easy to conjure up interesting ideas for new and unusual planters. These smart, galvanized steel garden utensils make a welcome change to the normal range of flower pots and tubs. Moreover, they can be picked up at relatively low prices from a variety of sources, such as old-fashioned hardware stores.

The bright silver finish of these containers will cheer up dull corners of the patio and is effectively complemented by many bedding colour schemes. Here, shades of orange and gold are used to contrast with the silver, but various pastel pink and blue shades, with silvery foliage, would look just as good for a more subtle, pretty display.

Added interest

If you are not keen on the bright silver finish, the steel can easily be painted, perhaps black or smart white, using a proprietary outdoor paint suitable for metal. The containers could even be decorated with stencilled pat-terns for added interest.


If possible, make a few drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket, can and trug, using a suitable drill.

Alternatively, place an 8cm (3in) layer of moisture-retentive pellets in the bottom of each and smooth out to form an even layer.

Most bedding plants require a free-draining compost, so if necessary, add up to a quarter by volume of horticultural grit or sand to the mixture to improve the drainage. Fill the bucket to within 8cm (3in) of the rim and firm lightly.

Remove the plants from their pots, and begin by planting the tall-growing varieties, such as the Gazania, in the centre of the bucket and the smaller varieties, like the Tagetes, around the edges. Aim for a full, balanced arrangement.

Fill the spaces between the plants with more compost, firming it lightly, then water the plants well, using a watering can fitted with a fine rose. Plant-up the galvanized steel trug and watering can in the same way, using the remaining plants.

01. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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