Garden Design Ideas: Patios and Lawns

The question facing anyone engaged in creating a new garden or redesigning an existing one is whether to put some of it down to grass and if so, how much; or whether to opt for some kind of more permanent covering – such as bricks, paving or concrete – which, once laid, remains practically trouble-free.

Much will depend on the size of the plot involved and the amount of wear and tear the garden is likely to get. For a really small plot, paving might well be the better choice, especially for gardeners who are also pet lovers or the parents of small children. A paved area adjacent to the house makes a useful place for relaxation, for outdoor meals and barbecues and as a summer parking place for prams and playpens.

Such areas should be sited to the south or west of the house, wherever possible, in order to enjoy the maxi-mum warmth and sunshine. To speak of ‘patios’ and ‘terraces’ may sound rather pretentious but don’t let this deter you, however small your garden may be. One of the most attractive ‘gardens’ I have ever seen was little more than a small back-yard, only a few metres in area. It adjoined an old house in Chichester and had been transformed by its owner into a perfect place for relaxation by the skilful blending of old paving slabs, wall shrubs and climbing plants plus the careful positioning of two stone plant containers and a bird bath of classic design. This, indeed, was the labour-saving garden par excellence.

27. February 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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