Fuchsia – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Fuchsia magellanica


Most of the fuchsias are not hardy enough to qualify for inclusion in a site describing shrubs that are hardy in these islands. However, Fuchsia magellanica and its varieties and one or two others, are certainly hardy enough to survive outdoors in most places, even though in less favoured gardens they may be cut to the ground by frost each year. Fuchsia magellanica will grow where frosts are less severe and has red and purple flowers that are very freely borne. It may reach 10 feet and it is not uncommon to see it grown as a delightful flowering hedge in the West. Cut by frost it seldom fails to recover, sending up new stems from the base, but will then only grow to about 5 feet in height.

Fuchsia riccartonii The variety usually grown is Fuchsia riccartonii, with crimson and purple flowers. There is a white flowered variety alba, one rather more slender in growth, gracilis, sometimes classed as a species, and also one (versicolor) in which the leaves are variegated with crimson, pink and cream. This does not grow so tall. ‘Mrs. Popple’ is another hardy fuchsia, with larger flowers, scarlet and deep purple in colour, while ‘Madame Cornelissen’ has attractive crimson and white flowers.

These hardy fuchsias will grow in any ordinary soil and sunny position. Except in very exposed gardens, where a covering of bracken will help, there is no need to give them extra protection; if they are damaged by frost it is a simple matter to cut the stems down to ground level in spring.

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14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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