Fuchsia Hybrids

Ladies’eardrops (Onagraceae) are native to South America where they grow as perennial semi-shrubs, shrubs or even small trees. The flowers of the garden varieties, which may be single or double, are borne in axillary clusters or panicles. Frequently, the four sepals are a different colour from the four petals.

Fuchsia triphylla hybrids differ from other hybrids in that the flowers are in clusters while F. magellanica with its crimson sepals and petals resembles the wild form and is considered hardy in regions with a mild climate. Fuchsias are ideal for brightening up shady places.

It is important to water regularly because the root ball must never be allowed to dry out or become waterlogged. Apply fertilizer frequently but in small closes. Dead blooms and fruit should be removed regularly. In winter plants must be moved to a bright or dark place where the temperature will not exceed 10° C (50° F). Fuchsias are pruned in spring when softwood cuttings can be taken at the same time.

01. August 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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