(deciduous leaf-losing)

Although fuchsias grow well near the sea, there are several kinds that will grow well inland and, although frost is liable to cut them back to the ground, they spring again from the base to produce long, woody, flowering shoots. They will bear their daintily skirted flowers very freely for many months through the summer and autumn.

All will grow to about 5 ft. in any soil but benefit from feeding with well-rotted compost and from hard pruning in the spring if they have not been cut back by-frost. Plant from October to April.

Fuchsia magellanica, carmine and purple flowers.

English: Fuchsia

English: Fuchsia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

F.m. Riccartonii, a common hardy variety, red and purple flowers.

Good varieties are:

Brilliant, scarlet and purple flowers.

Chillerton Beauty, white and violet flowers.

Madame Cornelissen, white and rose-coloured flowers.

Mrs. Popple, with larger flowers in carmine and violet.

11. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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