Fragrant Flowers for the Home

Choosing flowers that will fill a room with fragrance, will add a memorable extra dimension – whether sweet and subtle, or powerfully aromatic.

The fragrance of flowers is just as important as their colour and shape, especially to the many pollinating insects that this feature is meant to attract.

An extra quality

We can make use of this extra pleasing quality that many flowers possess to add another dimension to a room; the fresh scents of Spring can be used effectively to echo a bright and cheerful décor, while a bedroom can be made more romantic by the addition of blooms which become more opulently fragrant at night.

Spring and Summer are the seasons when fragrances are at their most apparent, but Winter can also offer strongly-scented flowering shrubs which can be used to advantage.


Fragrant additions Many-flowers can bring fragrance into the home; here are a few suggestions:

In Spring, Hyacinths, Mimosa, and Narcissus are delicious; Polyanthus are sweet, and Grape Hyacinths buttery. Tulips have a peppery fragrance, while Wax Flowers are aromatic, Lilac rich and heady, and Lily-Of-The-Valley the most fragrant of all.

Summer brings a host of perfumed flowers – clove-scented Pinks, delicious Sweet Peas, spicy Stocks, sweet Honeysuckle, Lilium auratum with a rich nutmeg and vanilla scent, and old Roses. These range from Rosa banksiae with its scent of Violets and Rosa rugosa ‘Rosairie de l’Hay’ smelling of sugared almonds, to Rosa longicuspis with a banana perfume, as well as the heady Damask and Musk Roses, and China Roses with a rich tea scent.

Some flowers are more powerfully perfumed at night: Tobacco plants, Stocks, Datura and Jasmine.

Winter-flowering shrubs can scent a whole room – the waxy bells of Wintersweet smell of Gardenias, while Witch Hazel has a clean, sharp scent; Daphne odora produces sweet-smelling flowers in mild spells.

31. July 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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