Forsythia – Popular Shrubs for the Garden

Forsythia spectabilis


The spring garden would be incomplete without the golden-yellow flowers of the forsythias. These are among the hardiest and easiest of shrubs to grow, and for that reason are sometimes neglected, when a little attention would produce even better results. In general hard pruning is not necessary. Particularly in open situations in colder gardens, however, the tips of the shoots made the previous year, on which most of the flowers are borne, sometimes die back and to prevent these from looking bare it is a good plan to cut them back. Apart from this, these popular shrubs need little pruning other than the occasional cutting out of the oldest wood.

Those grown in the open are usually forms or varieties of the hybrid, Forsythia X intermedia, of which the best variety is perhaps the modern ‘Lynwood’, with large, golden-yellow flowers that are freely borne. ‘Beatrix Farrand’ has flowers nearly as large and makes an upright bush. Forsythia spectabilis, the kind usually seen, also blooms freely, although its flowers  are not so large. An interesting kind is ‘Arnold Dwarf’ which makes a low spreading bush, 6 feet or so across, but only 2 feet or so high.

Forsythia suspense: is another fine species, but although it can be grown in the open, the best position is against a south or west wall, trained as a wall shrub, where it will grow l0 feet tall or more, producing lemon-yellow flowers along its arching branches. These shrubs will grow in any ordinary garden soil.

14. October 2010 by Dave Pinkney
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