Forsythia intermedia spectabilis or Showy Border Forsythia

Forsythia intermedia spectabilis

Showy Border Forsythia



The showy border forsythia is a low shrub only about 3 m (10 ft) high which has showy golden-yellow flowers, larger than those of the type species or other varieties, with narrow petals slightly curled at the margins or at the tip. This variety flowers later than the others — not till late March or early April, but before or at the same time as the leaves emerge, thus lessening the danger of injury by frost to which the earlier-flowering species and varieties are exposed.

Nowadays forsythias are the subject of much selective breeding and so many new forms are appearing on the market, among them ‘Beatrix Farrand’, with large, dark yellow flowers; ‘Lynwood Gold’, a profusely flowering golden-yellow form, and ‘Spring Glory’, with lemon-yellow flowers. The very early-flowering, golden-yellow ‘Robusta’ is well known and the dwarf ‘Tetragold’ blooms exceptionally early and has large golden-yellow flowers.

Forsythias are readily propagated by softwood and hardwood cuttings, layers, and by means of seeds. They thrive in any soil excepting very dry or waterlogged soil. In wet soil the wood does not ripen and the shrubs are often damaged by frost. They require full sun for abundant flowering but are tolerant of partial shade.

01. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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