Forsythia Intermedia Densiflora or Border Forsythia

Forsythia intermedia densiflora

Border Forsythia



The genus is named after the botanist W. A. Forsyth and comprises only seven species, one native to southern Europe (Albania) the others to eastern Asia. Forsythias are deciduous shrubs up to 5 m (16 ft) with pale brown or greenish, wand-like, sometimes drooping branches. The flowers consist of four sepals and a bell-shaped, four- to six-petalled corolla. Most forsythias are early spring-flowering shrubs.

Border forsythia is a hybrid of Forsythia suspensa and F. viridissima. F. I. Densiflora has large flowers with wide and relatively short petals which are somewhat curled, particularly after flowering. They are a lighter colour than the other species and varieties — a pale yellow-green. This variety does not flower as profusely as the others. It is of spreading habit with arching branches.

Because of their small requirements and magnificent early-spring flowers forsythias rank among the most popular of shrubs. They can be used as solitary specimens as well as in groups and are particularly good in various combinations, for instance in front of dark green shrubby yews or together with ornamental pink-flowering cherries such as Prunus triloba. They are suitable also as a cover for banks, unattractive walls and unsightly spots. The branches are often cut and put in vases for home decoration. Frequently they are forced — branches cut soon after the first frost will flower in December.

01. May 2011 by Dave Pinkney
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