(deciduous leaf-losing)

Immediately after flowering prune all kinds, reducing the old flowered wood to encourage the production of new wood for flowering the following spring. They are not particular about soil. Plant from October to February.

Forsythia intermedia spectabilis, 10 ft., one of the best specimens, has branches wreathed in rich yellow flowers.

F.i. Lynwood, larger flowers with broader petals, borne equally profusely.

Some yellow flowers: Forsythia x intermedia

Some yellow flowers: Forsythia x intermedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

F. ovala, 5 ft., primrose-yellow flowers in March.

F. suspensa, 6 to 12 ft., pale yellow flowers in March and April. This makes a good wall specimen and does well against a north wall.

11. October 2012 by Dave Pinkney
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