Flowering and Foliage Plants: A Glorious Mix

A terracotta trough filled to overflowing with an informal mixture of flowering and foliage plants will provide a variety of colour, shape and texture that will last all Summer long.

Summer is a time when tubs, windowboxes and hanging baskets come into their own, providing a mass of colour and visual interest around the home and punctuating blank walls and dreary facades with vivid floral accents. Containers of this kind always look their best when filled to overflowing with flowers and foliage that spill over the edges in an informal manner, such as in this terracotta trough.

A pleasant variety

The plants used here have been chosen to provide a. variety of colour, shape and texture that will give pleasure all Summer long. They are also suited to the site, which only receives direct sunlight for part of the day.

Providing height to the display, Fuchsia ‘Lady Thumb’ has small exotic blooms of red and white; these plants are frost-hardy, so can be saved to bloom again next year. Filling in between are low-growing Gazania ‘Slate’ with its silvery foliage and Daisy flowers, Coleus with strongly-marked colourful foliage, Begonia with waxy red flowers and the ever-popular Busy Lizzies. Trailing Lobelia and Polygonum soften the edges of the trough. Regular deadheading will prolong this display.


Fill the bottom of the trough with a layer of crocks to prevent compost from leaching out when watering. Fill the trough to within about 10cm (4in) of the rim with a free-draining compost, firming it lightly.

Remove the Fuchsias from their pots and set them on the compost at the back of the trough to provide height to the display and a backdrop for the other plants. Add compost around their roots and firm with your fingers.

Plant around the Fuchsias with Begonias, Gazanias and Polygonums. Add more compost around their rootballs and firm each into place so that the compost contacts the roots and the plants are secure.

Fill any gaps with Busy Lizzies, removing them as a strip from their tray and carefully separating the roots. Finally, tuck clusters of Lobelia wherever there is a space. Water well and feed weekly after about a month.

28. June 2013 by Dave Pinkney
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