Flowering almond | Prunus triloba

This deciduous member of the Rosaceae family is native to China and is a real eye-catcher on balconies and terraces in spring. The pale pink double flowers are produced on the previous year’s wood. This bushy, densely branched shrub grows up to 2 m (6 ft 6 in) high and wide. It is usually trained as a strandard. By contrast, the pink-flowering dwarf variety P. tenella grows very erect.

These both grow best in a sunny to partially shaded position. The rootballs must remain moist at all times. They need humus-rich, well-drained soil and regular applications of fertiliser during the flowering season. The tree or shrub is cut to a strong bud or young shoot every year after flowering. A round crown can be kept in the desired shape in the same way.

Both can be propagated from softwood cuttings in summer. Standards are propagated by grafting. Fungus-affected branches should be removed. The roots should be well protected cluting winter.

27. January 2014 by Dave Pinkney
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